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Intel  Core i3-i5 cpu laptops

2-4gb/250-320gb/14-15 inch etc


8000-10000 INR 10,000-14,000 INR
Intel Dual Core cpu laptops

1-2gb/80-160gb/14-15 inch etc


3000-5000 INR 5,000-7,000 INR
Intel Core2duo based laptop

1-2gb/80-160gb/14-15 inch etc



4000-7,000 INR 10,000-11,000 INR
Intel Centrino ,Intel Core solo based laptops




3000-4000 INR 5000-6000 INR
Intel Celeron based laptops


Ask Ask
Core I5 and above Laptops


We Dont Buy Upto 10,000 INR less than market value
Non working laptops

(used for parts so some parts must be working)

1000-4000 We Dont Sell

We buy any condition


We sell top quality refurbished condition


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