About us


Customers like to know a little more about the businesses they are dealing with and this section should feed any  such curiosity . was launched in 2004 and was then engaged in the business of buying and selling laptops , 3 years later we moved to laptop parts trading in Laptop after market spares like keyboards , batteries ,adaptors , lcds for various brands of laptops including but not limited to HP , Acer ,Sony ,IBM, DELL, APPLE etc .
Since then we have also been engaged in laptop repairs and we are now specialized in laptop repairs with a dedicated  Mumbai central  office exclusively for repairs .Trading office still remains at lamington road where we started from .
What makes us different  :

  1. A very keen sense of integrity of doing business .
  2. Despite being in the toughest business segment of repairs where most customers are unhappy with the vendors we have always being strict with the way we handled this business , bringing in absolute transparency and in many cases letting go business but not succumb to the temptation of temporary fixes.
  3. We are still a very small business with just 2 offices (India) and few staff but our operating procedures are at par with very sophisticated companies with every thing being recorded in to internal system clearly .
  4. As for business advantage we are very focused on our work and have abstained from indulging in many products so we achieve a niche in our industry and so we are able to repair most laptops and carry very huge inventory of spares with us (this is backed with support from our dedicated full time office in China to get spares in least possible time in case of local unavailability )



Additionally here is my word to you :
I Nikhil started this business out of passion and love for computers and though I no more run the business in India I request you to please try us and on my personal guarantee I promise we serve very economically and diligently .
At any point you feel we havent done a good job you are most welcome to write to me (feedback [a] ) or catch up with me on social media (links below).
-Nikhil Bhaskaran